Bronze Expedited Package

Gold Pricing & Services


Our services include:

  • Research to the FTB and SOS as to why your entity is suspended
  • 1 immediate counter delivery to the FTB if POA is received by 2:00 pm
  • 1 immediate counter delivery to the SOS
  • Unlimited counter deliveries as needed to the FTB & SOS
  • Obtaining a COGS from the SOS
  • Filing an SOI to the SOS
  • Obtain a CC Status Report from the SOS
  • Obtain Formation Documents from the SOS
  • Filing of your prepared tax forms at the FTB counter
  • Payments made at the FTB counter on your behalf
  • Scan & e-mail verification of FTB & SOS documents
  • Mailing of original documents
  • Follow up phone call and e-mail once entity is revived
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