How Our Process Works

We’ll send you a form requesting your contact and entity information. Once the form is returned to us, we’ll contact the FTB & SOS on your behalf to find out what documentation and/or payment is missing. We will forward that information to you and request that you send us the necessary completed paperwork (and State fees, if applicable). We’ll then file the documents with the corresponding agency in person. At your request we can also obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Secretary of State upon completion of the revival process.

Please note this is for our services alone, and does not include potential amounts owed to the FTB & SOS. Our fee does not include the following potential costs and services:

-Preparation of your tax forms
-Back taxes
-Filing fees
-Penalty fees
-Any other money owed to the State

Depending on the circumstances the FTB may require a Cashier’s Check. If this is the case, you may obtain your own and send them to us, or, we may be able to obtain them for you. This is an additional service only included in our Gold and Silver packages.

Don't Wait!

Our specialists are available from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm every weekday to help you get your revivor process going. Don’t delay, give us a call right now at (916) 947-3453.