Steven Lamb – President of SOS Filings Inc.

About Our President

Steven started his first business, Sierra Express Delivery Service, with his father in 1984. Since then, he has been a business owner of several successful companies. Steven’s innate leadership qualities benefit his staff and customers every day. He is constantly envisioning the next steps for his businesses, thinking of ways to better assist his clients, and evaluating his methods and protocols to make sure they are efficient.

Steven is dedicated and reliable when it comes to accomplishing things that he promises to do and prides himself on his company’s quality customer service. It is a rare happenstance to have a customer displeased with his company’s work.

When Steve is out of the office, you can catch him doing other things he enjoys such as cycling, hiking, swimming, and most of all, playing an active role in his family’s life. Whether he is at Bethany’s soccer game, Brenna’s wrestling tournament, Deanna’s triathlon or watching Brooke’s singing performance at church, his love and devotion towards them is known to all that meet him; customers, and non-customers. Steven’s primary priority is to get those that surround him–both personally and professionally– happy, and help them succeed.