Daily Representatives At The Secretary of State’s Office

SOS Filings Incorporated began as a service company working with the Business Programs Division of the California Secretary of State. We’ve prepared and personally submitted close to 20,000 business entity filings for different types of companies at varying points in a business’s life.

The FTB Revivors Division

Over the past several years we’ve seen an increase in the number of clients struggling to understand and resolve suspensions placed on their entity by the FTB and/or SOS. These cases were further complicated whenever the entity was involved in litigation or escrow. With our expertise, we saw an opportunity to help. We soon created a new branch of our business, dedicated entirely to restoring suspended entities to active status in good standing. FTB Revivors is now able to offer the benefit of having a personal representative at both the Secretary of State and the Franchise Tax Board. By dealing with the suspending agency directly we’re able to help our clients avoid the additional hassle and expense of corresponding with the FTB/SOS while they wait for approval by mail.

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Our Privacy Policy

SOS Filings Inc. understands the importance of protecting our clients’ personal information and respecting their privacy. We request only the personal, contact, and financial information required to complete the services our clients request. Your information will only be shared within our direct office staff and/or staff of any agencies involved with your case. We never sell or disclose any information to advertisers or other third parties except as required by law.